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April 17, 2014
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Sri Lanka Holidays - Tours to Sri lanka

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Journey Lanka Holidays Welcomes You To Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka is land filled with wonders, a land where you can experience many climates within this small country, from vast stretches of sun filled coastline to rolling cooler climes of tea plantations and dense rainforests. A country full of preserved heritage and culture that would leave you amazed. Undertake a journey by its people that will share this with you with ever smiling faces and always helpful.

Specialised in Sri Lanka Holidays, we at Journey Lanka Holidays offer you the best dream vacation in an isle that is designed to pleasure you. We assure you that your Sri Lanka Holidays experience will be luxurious, splendid and satisfactory to the highest peak. We make everyone enjoy the true essence of Sri Lanka Holidaysby letting you'll experience our expertly designed tours of Sri Lanka that includes cultural tours, Wild safari tours, Beach and family tours. We shall drive you to the brink of your imagination within this 65,610 km2 geographical limitation.

We invite you to feel the true delight of signing up for a wonderful Sri Lanka holidays, with one of the most ethical tour operators in the Isle…. Journey Lanka holidays is all about giving you a Sri Lanka holidays experience with a value beyond imagination.

When To Travel

Though Sri Lanka Is A Tropical country, temperatures vary depending on your location. The mountainous areas in central Sri Lanka are often much colder, and on average are about 15 degrees Celsius. In contrast, the north-eastern coast, the hottest part of the country, has an average temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius. Temperatures on the coastline of the south-western half of the country, for instance Colombo, vary minutely, averaging 27-29 all year round.

Sri Lanka experiences 2 distinct monsoons. The Yala monsoon which lasts from May to July and affects south western half of the country, and the Maha monsoon which last from October to January, this monsoon affects the eastern half of the country. Lastly there is the inter monsoon period between August and September and is generally relatively dry throughout the country, though the north and east can be extremely hot during this time. There might be the occasional shower during this period but nothing that will affect your holiday adversely. Given the above, it is safe to say that Sri Lanka is a year round destination.

P.S : In recent months it has become hard to predict the weather and it should be noted that we cannot gurantee a rain free holiday at any time of the year.

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